Hear What Others Have to Say

I really didn’t know what to expect. God knew what I needed, I needed to be here. She has a eye to see and discern the spirit. Anytime she feels like God is saying something to me ,I’m open to it she can say it. For the last few months I’ve been trying to tap into what he is wanting me to do and focus on and the enemy in so many ways distracted me and pulled me back and she confirmed it all. I know to come to my fullest self I need to do more of this,spending time put God back in His place. Filling whatever voids . ...What she has is valuable, I need it and it’s a whole lot of other people who need to hear the impartation that she has to give. It’s an amazing gift that she has.

Micheal Kenady

 The scripture that she started with was the same exact scripture I was reading and meditating on the day before and that morning the Lord led me to exactly what her topic was about trust ... understanding and the unknown… It was very good, I needed it! A perfect reminder that Father God is completely in control even though you feel like you’re not! What she doing is powerful and I’m so extremely proud of her!

Jamelia Pullen

“Since meeting Devin things have been changing for me… I can hear the birds chirping, the stomps upstairs in my apartment finally sound like neighbors and not like burglars and robbers. I can finally drive around and not feel like someone is following me..I laugh at every thought that goes against the word of God and when the words get to be too much, I pray until I fall asleep and God wakes me up even stronger”

Shawntia Grant